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Goliath ut3

The Goliath in Unreal Tournament 3.

The Axon Goliath is a vehicle appearing in Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 3. Up to two people may be in the Goliath at the same time.


The Goliath is very powerful; it can take out Scorpions, Raptor, Mantas, and other vehicles with ease. The goliath has 800 HP, which makes it third for HP, highest being the Leviathan (6500, or 5000 in UT2004).


Due to its slow speed, the Goliath is not a reliable vehicle to get places quickly. Also, it is vulnerable to air attack, unless the minigun seat is occupied.


  • If a player gets on top of the tank (above the minigun), the tank cannot kill you unless it shoots the wall.

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