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Gorge is a character in the Unreal series.

Bio Edit

Gorge is a Juggernaut Tournament competitor. He was born in NeoChiba Research Creche 9, and was inmate at the Allerian Penal Colony before he entered the Tournament with a team of Juggernauts. Although not very smart, Gorge more than makes up for this in the Tournament with his brute strength and savagery.

Gorge was able to defeat reigning Tournament Malcolm in 2302, leaving him with a snapped spine (UT2003), and making Gorge the new champion. Gorge only remained champion for that year, though. His treatment of his fanbase and the high popularity of his archrival Malcolm means that he will never be popular.

At the time Brock fought alongside Malcolm and gained much respect for him. Brock tried to avenge Malcolm by ambushing Gorge outside the arena on the planet Deneb IV. Gorge needed less than a minute to react and kill Brock.

Unreal Championship and Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 Edit

Gorge's ' character card

Name: Gorge
Race: Human
Classification: Juggernaut

Accuracy: 76
Agility: 74
Aggresiveness: 76 (UT2003)/77 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 84

"It takes a special kind of person to survive the harsh environment of the Allerian Penal Colony. It takes another kind of person altogether to revel in it. Gorge is more than just a survivor; he's a predator with a sweet tooth for suffering. Once incarcerated, Gorge took to the Tournaments like a fish to water, honing his combat skills both on and off the arena floor. The lack of firepower in the prison mines doesn't affect his training regimen in the least. Who needs a gun when you've got hands and teeth?"

Unreal Tournament 2003 is basically Gorge's ascension to fame. He's the default selectable character, he makes a cameo, and Unreal Tournament 2004 all but confirms his champion status.

"Gorge is determined to prove that his one year reign as Tournament Champion is no fluke, and he has re-assembled the Juggernaut team he led to the championship. Axon Research Corporation has made armor and bio- genetic upgrades to the Juggernauts design for this year's tournament."
- Unreal Tournament 2004

He returns alongside the rest of the cast in 2004, leading the Strong tier team Juggernauts, still backed by Axon, though this time he cannot reach the finals.

Unreal Championship 2 Edit

Gorge's ' character card

Name: Gorge
Race: Human
Classification: Juggernaut

Starting weapons: Dual Enforcers, Juggernaut Fists

"Gorge, a former inmate of the Allerian Penal Colony, savagely clawed his way through the tournaments to the leader boards. Snapping Malcolm's winning streak, and his spine, in the tournament finals should have earned Gorge instant stardom ans respect. However, his rough treatment of his fanbase negatively affected his ratings, and the 'Gorgemania' never quite caught on. Gorge is extremely irritated that Malcolm's fans still outnumber his, and that 'Malcolm Will Be Back' T-shirts are still everywhere at the tournament competitions."

Gorge doesn't appear in the Ascension Rites in any form, however he has his own ladder, which is unlocked after completing Malcolm's one. It remains to be seen if both ladders are canon, since they don't have related matches with either the Rites or Anubis's Ladder.

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Quotes Edit

In Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004 he uses the Male Juggernaut voicepack. In Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict he uses the shared Juggernaut voicepack.

Other Edit

"This time... he's MINE!"
- UT2003 intro video.
"The first time we scouted this arena before a match some FNG made a crack about how it's not the heat, it's the humidity that gets you. So I shoved him into the lava. He was still screaming when they redeployed him into the room. After we convinced him he wasn't still on fire, he had to agree, it's the heat that gets you."
- DM-Molten description.

Trivia Edit

  • Gorge appears in the UT2003 nVidia advertisement and the following introduction video.
  • He also appears in the UT2004 nVidia intro video, but very briefly, as he is blown up by a Skaarj.
  • Clearly seen in his face picture, he has control buttons on the front of his suit for an MP3 player.

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