CTF- Strident

A player near the blue team's "hoop" about to score.

Greed is a team based gametype found in Unreal Tournament 3. It is a mix of Bombing Run and Team Deathmatch.


The objective in Greed is to get the highest number of skulls, by collecting them. A player can collect skulls by killing enemy players, and picking their skulls up. The player will then take the skulls to the enemy bases "hoop" and redeem them for points. The first team to reach the score limit wins.


  • Titans cannot obtain skulls.
  • All of the maps used for Greed are CTF and VCTF maps.
  • If a player gets enought skulls, they will be awarded shielding, U- Damage etc.
  • If the player dies, they will drop all the skulls they had obtained. Another player may steal the skulls.
  • Even if a player did not pick up any skulls, every player has at least one skull.
  • Once a player goes through the "hoop" they will be teleported back to their base.
  • Greed is similar to Bombing Run in UT 2003 and UT 2004. In Bombing Run, the player also has to score through the enemies "hoop".
  • Greed was one of two gametypes brought in with the Titan DLC, the other being Betrayal.

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