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"The grenade launcher is the standard canister gun loaded with explosive ammunition. The primary fire is a grenade which bounces off hard surfaces, and explodes either by proximity detection or when its timer runs out. The alt-fire shoots a mine that sticks to the first surface it hits. These mines detonate whenever they are within range of another explosion.
The mines can also be detonated by holding down alt-fire after shooting the grenade, then pulling fire. It's possible to build traps by laying a group of mines, then firing one last mine and waiting for an enemy to walk through the area before detonating. Mines can also be detonated in the air, though this does less damage because they are not yet fully armed.
Unreal Championship 2 manual.

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Unreal Championship 2 Edit

Shoots small balls that bounce around for a few seconds and explode when touched. Its secondary shoots a mine that is remote triggered.

Unreal Tournament 4 Edit

The primary fire lobs a grenade which explodes after some seconds or after a direct hit. The secondary fire lobs a proximity mine which must be triggered with the alternate fire.

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