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Harobed Village (whose full name is Harobed Village) is a map in Unreal.

Harobed Village is a fairly small transitionary level between the Dark Arena and Terraniux Underground. It is the level where you acquire the Flak Cannon.

Quick CompletionEdit

  • After getting out of the Dark Arena, take a left and find the door to the Village.
  • There are some fairly minor items in the village's houses.
  • If you go to the temple and follow the Nali Priest inside, he will open an important trapdoor for you that leads to the Flak Cannon.
  • Once you go through a series of simple puzzles and pick up the Flak Cannon, some Skaarj will be convieniently spawned for you to test your new gun out.
  • Note that all of the above is optional if you want the Flak Cannon.
  • If you want to just rush straight through, keep going straight after getting out of the Dark Arena.
  • You will eventually come to a large river filled with Biterfish, Manta, and Devilfish.
  • Cross the plank bridges found on the river and be careful not to fall in.
  • After crossing every single bridge, you will come to a mechanical corridor with a Dead Mercenary.
  • The level ends and then you can progress to Terraniux Underground.


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