A Horsefly is an insect native to the planet Na Pali in Unreal. They are harmless and cannot be harmed by the player. The Horsefly can either be found in a swarm preset into the map by bodies of water (which is the basis for map appearances for this creature) or will appear over corpses of dead creatures (not preset) if the corpses have been rotting for a length of time. They often can be heard buzzing and flying around a specific location.

This insect shares the name with the Terran insect known as a horsefly, as well as its affinity to water sources. This insect is different however as the wings are not straight at its side and looks more similar to a wasp's wings. The body is also more similar to a wasp than a horsefly, it has a large head and a body that shrinks towards the middle only to enlargen by the end. Due to a low amount of polygons it also has a pointed abdomen similar to a Terran wasp. Due to these similarities it can be assumed that the Horsefly on Na Pali would be more closely related to the wasps on Earth instead of the horseflies. It is also parasitical as it can be found in large swarms around fresh corpses, thereby sharing a trait normally seen with Terran gnats.

Found in Levels Edit

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