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Ion cannon



Item Type|


Primary Fire|

Charged Ion Blast

Secondary Fire|

Zoom 10x

Health Points|


The Ion Cannon is a turret in Unreal Tournament 2004.

"An exact replica of the Ion Cannons used during the Skaarj War battles. During the 10 days siege, Ion Cannons were placed in the heart of major cities as a last hope to slow the Skaarj progress. While providing huge firepower, Ion Cannons also caused many human casualties with their large blast radius."
―UT2004 manual

This turret only appears once in all of UT2004. It is easily compared to a deployed Leviathan and Ion Plasma Tank due to their scarcity, power, and high health (they are the only vehicles over 1,000 health in UT2004). It only appears in AS-RobotFactory with one appearance. It can easily destroy the Goliaths that the attacking team has, and forms a heavily despisable foe to the attackers. Good news is that the Ion Cannon has a 5-second long "warm-up" time before the shot is fired, and in which time, a laser designator (Identical to that of the Ion Plasma Tank) comes out of the barrel.

Death TextEdit

# was OBLITERATED by #!

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