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The Iron Skull is a team in Unreal Tournament series consisting of the Skaarj, one of the most brutal races in the galaxy. Holding up their aggression and thirst for blood and glory, the team makes their official appearance in UT2004. They are the sworn enemies of Black Fist, another Skaarj team.


The New Earth Government has long recognized the superiority of the Skaarj warrior as a military fighting machine, as was made clear in the brutal Human-Skaarj wars. The Skaarj Hybrid is the result of secret military genetic research, using both human and Skaarj DNA performed after the capture of a Skaarj scout ship. If proven in Tournament battle, the Hybrids shall become a leading force in ground based ops.

Iron Skull is a team of Skaarj Hybrid made available only as a bonus content.

  • Members: Dominator, Guardian, Skrilax, Beatal, Pharoh, Berserker, Disconnect, Firewall
  • Classification: Skaarj Hybrid


This year, the Skaarj Empire is represented by the Iron Skull clan, who seek to regain honor after long being held responsible for the loss of the Skaarj Mothership during the Human/Skaarj wars.

The Skaarj makes its official appearance in UT series, as team Iron Skull in UT2004. Exemplifying the aggressive and agile teamplay, this team can rip off anyone playing with less movability. Stealth is the key for easy victory. Iron Skull is one of the three finalist teams in UT2004. If this team is our enemy team in the Finals, a special character- ClanLord will be your opponent in the 1-on-1 grand final match.

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