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"Jester was born into a hardworking mining family in the Twin Souls clan. She never showed much aptitude for mining; her capricious, happy-go-lucky attitude was not a fit for the dangerous, methodical lifestyle of a miner. Instead, she chose an even more dangerous route by joining the Fist of the Twin Souls - the security forces charged with protecting the clan's interests at the colony and abroad. Her acrobatics in combat, not to mention her carefree approach, left her with the nickname "Jester".

Once known for her lighthearted nature, Jester's entire world shifted when the Krall slaughtered her parents and friends."
- Character description

Sarah "Jester" Hawkins was a character in Unreal Tournament 3.

Bio Edit

She is a pretty, happy-go-lucky Terran. Sarah grew up in the Twin Souls, a mining colony. She joined Ronin as a young teenager, but was injured. Her brother joined the Ronin to help her out, but was later lost somewhere in a fight against Necris. She fought along James for a long while, but was killed in the end by Black Legion, along with two other Ronin (Terrence "Othello" Marshall and Jeremiah "Bishop" O'Conner), Though it's unknown if Othello or Bishop died. All this because of Malcom, the true non-combatant Ronin leader.

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Othello: "We have the flag, let's bring it home."
Jester: "You mean "Field Lattice Generator", right?"
Reaper: "It looks like a flag, waves like a flag - it's a flag."
From CTF-Reflection, With Caesar's Coin.
Jester: "Sinkhole? More like "Stinkhole"."
Othello: "Ohhhhhhh... pleeeeeaseeeee..."
Reaper: "Ah, jeez... Stay focused, Jester."
From WAR-Sinkhole, With Caesar's Coin.
Jester: "So, do they call this part the "Food Cor-et"? Get it?!"
Othello: "Ohhhhhhh... pleeeeeaseeeee... "
From CTF-Coret, The Liandri Conflict.

Trivia Edit

  • She's voiced by Andrea Baker, who also voiced Clover, from Totally Spies.
  • Mike Capps based her design on his sister.[1]

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  1. Epic Games Mike Capps & Cliff Bleszinski Q & A at PAX East 2012

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