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"He was in the Marines once before. They threw him out. Because he thought for himself. They called it "departing from established mission parameters."
One time, this colonel ordered him to leave a wounded civilian behind. He told the colonel to shove it and dragged her out anyway. So he was court-martialled. Cashiered. Kicked out. He went on cop duty, patrolling the ass-end of space with the rest of us rejects.
You can tell he hasn't changed, though. Pisses the hell out of Aida, but he still wades in with both fists and does what he thinks is right."
- Isaak

John Dalton is the main protagonist of Unreal II: The Awakening.

Bio Edit

John Dalton was once a proud member of the Marines, but was court-martialed after he disobeyed a direct order from his commanding officer. The order was to leave behind a civilian woman to die, but John resorted to save her instead. He was relocated to the TCA, given command of the run-down patrol ship Atlantis, and ordered to patrol the "ass-end of space far away from any real action or significance." Along with Aida, Isaak, and Ne'Ban, he is part of the crew of the TCA Atlantis. He follows orders from Sector Commander Hawkins.

While on board, Dalton gets to learn about everything about his teammates as well as the gear collected throughout the game. As apparently revealed from the linear conversations, he is given due respect by his mates, though a rare event or two occurs, where the talks get rough, especially with Aida.

During the end game, Dalton is offered reinstatement into the marines along with a promotion to Colonel. However, the reinstatement turned out to be a ploy to get Dalton to risk himself for the Artifacts. Therefore, his maximum rank attained is Lieutenant Colonel, assuming the marines of the future use the same rank structure as modern day marines. Curiously, a texture file within the game shows a marine dress shirt in Dalton's cabin with two stars on the shoulder, which normally denotes a rank of Major General.

Dalton is a strong believer in the military lifestyle and the need for authority, but he also has a strong code of ethics and will always "do the right thing" without stopping to consider the consequences.

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  • "Ever heard the expression "Blood is thicker than water"? Well, it's true."
  • "Hey Aida, does your guidebook list this as a vacation spot for Skaarj?"
  • "I'm going, whether you help me or not."
  • "Those look painful."
  • "Ha! Little buggers. They ain't so bad. Uh-oh..."
  • "Great. Something else to watch out for."
  • "Good god, is this where they're all coming from?"
  • "Damn, these things are tough. Never seen anything like 'em!"
  • "Great. I'm fighting giant, killer, MUTANT spiders."
  • "That's why I get the big bucks."

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