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"Hampered by the bulk of their genetically boosted physiques, the Juggernauts move ponderously through the arenas, shrugging off enemy fire as if it were a mere annoyance. They may not be fast, but they tend to keep coming long after others have retreated to lick their wounds."
- Unreal Championship website[1]

Overview Edit

Juggernauts were former humans who have been gene-boosted. They formed a team in the Liandri Grand Tournament, appearing in Unreal Tournament 2003.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Edit

"Gorge is determined to prove that his one year reign as Tournament Champion is no fluke, and he has re-assembled the Juggernaut team he led to the championship. Axon Research Corporation has made armor and bio- genetic upgrades to the Juggernauts design for this year's tournament."
- Team description

The team appeared in full form in Unreal Tournament 2004.

Gorge Edit

Main article: Gorge
Main article: Gorge
Gorge's ' character card

Name: Prometheus Pithras
Race: Human
Classification: Juggernaut
Birth date: 2268

Accuracy: 76
Agility: 74
Aggresiveness: 76 (UT2003)/77 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 84

"It takes a special kind of person to survive the harsh environment of the Allerian Penal Colony. It takes another kind of person altogether to revel in it. Gorge is more than just a survivor; he's a predator with a sweet tooth for suffering. Once incarcerated, Gorge took to the Tournaments like a fish to water, honing his combat skills both on and off the arena floor. The lack of firepower in the prison mines doesn't affect his training regimen in the least. Who needs a gun when you've got hands and teeth?"

Arclite Edit

Main article: Arclite
Main article: Arclite
Arclite's ' character card

Name: Marvin Hunter
Race: Human
Classification: Juggernaut
Birth date: 2279

Accuracy: 70
Agility: 89
Aggresiveness: 70 (UT2003)/84 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 73
Preferred weapon:

"Unlike his male counterparts, Arclite is neither a criminal nor a killer by nature. His presence in the tournaments is simply a byproduct of his genetic makeup. But watch your step around him. He's not happy to be here."

Ambrosia Edit

Ambrosia's ' character card

Name: Judith Karpovskya
Race: Human
Classification: Juggernaut
Birth date: 2277

Accuracy: 77
Agility: 74
Aggresiveness: 77 (UT2003)/72 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 84

"A geneboosted weightlifter who strangled a judge in a fit of adrenaline induced rage, Ambrosia has resigned herself to a life in the Tournament."

Cannonball Edit

Cannonball's ' character card

Name: Niles Krieger
Race: Human
Classification: Juggernaut
Birth date: 2275

Accuracy: 87
Agility: 58
Aggresiveness: 87 (UT2003)/75 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 85
Preferred weapon:

"If a trash compactor and a tank had offspring, then Cannonball would be the result. Big, ugly, and with the personality of a rabid grizzly, only the suicidal would voluntarily share a cell with this career criminal."

Frostbite Edit

Frostbite's ' character card

Name: Nikolai Kolodenko
Race: Human
Classification: Juggernaut
Birth date: 2266

Accuracy: 68
Agility: 86
Aggresiveness: 68 (UT2003)/72 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 84
Preferred weapon:

"You can feel his cold gaze at a distance, like gangrene crawling beneath your flesh. It devours you, seeks to turn your blood to ice and your heart to stone. Imagine what he'll do when he actually gets his hands on you."

Reinha Edit

Reinha's ' character card

Name: Carol Robinson
Race: Human
Classification: Juggernaut
Birth date: 2274

Accuracy: 69
Agility: 75
Aggresiveness: 69 (UT2003)/73 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 96

"After her husband was killed in a mining accident Reinha had nothing left to live for, so she adopted the nickname her spouse had given her in his native Portuguese and set out to find meaning in death."

Rylisa Edit

Rylisa's ' character card

Name: Constance Lapp
Race: Human
Classification: Juggernaut
Birth date: 2271

Accuracy: 75
Agility: 83
Aggresiveness: 75 (UT2003)/74 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 75

"Former Union Leader of Ore Miners' Local #732G, Rylisa found the bribes offered to her by an Imperial official to be an insult, so she cut off his hands and used his subdermal ID chips to access his accounts, netting her life in the Allerian Ice Mines."

Not to be confused with the Unreal Tournament character of the same name.

Siren Edit

Siren's ' character card

Name: Eva Kasprzak
Race: Human
Classification: Juggernaut
Birth date: 2276

Accuracy: 58
Agility: 77 (UT2003)/76 (UT2004)
Aggresiveness: 58 (UT2003)/81 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 96
Preferred weapon:

"Not only is she a victim of a severe beating with the ugly stick, she's had DNA from the tree spliced directly into her genes. There's nothing pretty about Siren and she'll be the first to admit it. Because if you mention it, she'll kick your ass."

Goliath Edit


"With the success of Gorge's Juggernauts in last year's tournament, Axon Research Corporation is now sponsoring Goliath in hopes of producing an all Juggernaut finals."
- Team description

Goliath does not have any unique characters. All of its characters use skins from the Juggernauts, and feature no custom descriptions.

Trivia Edit

  • The following bots are duplicates:
    • Ambrosia: Fury, Jezebel, Matriarch (UT2004); Malice, Molotov (UC)
    • Arclite: Bulldog, Earthquake (UT2004); Bullseye (UT2004/UC); Cipher (UC)
    • Cannonball: Brutus, Jackhammer, Perdition (UT2004); Lockdown, Obsidian (UC)
    • Frostbite: Lockdown, Obsidian, Outrage (UT2004); Jackhammer, Perdition (UC)
    • Gorge: Rampage (UT2004); Avalanche, Odin (UT2004/UC)
    • Reinha: Medusa, Molotov, Titania (UT2004); Matriarch, Sorrow (UC)
    • Diva (UC)/Rylisa (UT2004): Hydra, Misery, Sorrow (UT2004); Hydra, Venus (UC)
    • Siren: Chaos, Clangor, Vengeance (UT2004); Jezebel, Medusa (UC)
  • Fittingly enough, Rampage also leads the Goliath team.
  • Fury shouldn't be confused with the namesake War Machine from Unreal Tournament.
  • Rylisa's previous name was Lapp, which made it as her canon surname. She isn't to be confused with Rylisa from the Iron Guard team from Unreal Tournament.
  • Ambrosia's UT2003 description also added a bit regarding Gorge's sexual innuendos:
"(...), and the unthinkable horror of dealing with her teammate Gorge's sexual innuendos for the foreseeable future."

Gallery Edit

If you're searching for the artwork concerning Arclite, you might want to check Arclite.
If you're searching for the artwork concerning Gorge, you might want to check Gorge.

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  1. Juggernauts on UC site

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