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"The Kai are an old semi-nomadic race that has spread from planet to planet, taking a keen interest in the archaeology, folklore, and traditions of each. They stay on the fringes of society, however, and make their way by performing menial tasks wherever they go."
- John Dalton

The Kai are a race found in Unreal II: The Awakening.

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The Kai are a race of normadic aliens. They have soft bodies with thin limbs, and are only barely humanoid in appearance. An apparently weak and pacifistic race, the Kai are employed to do menial tasks and are generally looked down upon and degraded by the galaxy's other races. Several Kai are seen serving in the TCA as cooks and low-level labor. For some reason they are somehow linked with the nature of the much coveted Artifact.

It is ultimately revealed that an ancient race known as the Tosc hid their DNA within the genetic structure of the Kai, and thus in fact one of the galaxy's most downtrodden races is actually the last remnants of one of the galaxy's most dangerous races.

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