Kira Argmanov is a character in Unreal.

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She was a crew Member on the Inuit Corporation ISV-Kran ship, and was the lover of Nicolas, another crew member. She is later found by Prisoner 849, in the Bell Tower around Bluff Eversmoking. It is unknown if she is dead, since her translator says she is sleeping. It may be known that she is, as it you shoot her body, it will be gibbed.

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Universal Translator: "Log: Petty Officer N. Onalopov: We split up so we would have a better chance of finding Kira. Those bastards are going to pay for taking her. I love you Kira, I swear I'll find you."
--The Sunspire

Universal Translator: "ISV-Kran Chief Medical Officer's Log:–Tatiana Zimna: We have come to this beautiful canyon lake monastery in our search for Kira's abductors. We'll make camp by this crucifix tonight and start out early tomorrow."
Universal Translator: "Security Officer Sergai Dubrov: ISV-KRAN: LOG ENTRY:We are hot on the trail of the Skaarh Hunting party that Captured Kira near the Sunspire. They are headed north towards the blue electrical storms on the horizon."
Universal Translator: "Jailer Hrang of the Red Hand Tribe: We have captured a Terran girl. Some of my soldiers want to try and take liberties with her. I guess that's OK as long as they watch those boots! She kicked my in the Hrangos last time."
Universal Translator: "Jailer Hrang of the Red Hand Tribe: Dorro owes me 25,000 gold Paaras when we get home! He truly sucks at death bones. Hustling him is like taking candy from a Terran baby. Speaking of which I think it's time to go beat on that ugly Terran girl some more."
Universal Translator: "Jailer Hrang of the Red Hand Tribe: I can't believe it! That Terran girl escaped! One of those worthless Nali Monks must have tunneled her out. I am in DEEP SHIT! If Captain DUK'CHOROTH comes and finds out I let her escape I'll be de-hrangod for sure!"
Universal Translator: "I have discovered a secret! Last night I snuck out of my hiding place and swam through the pipes to the prison. They have captured a Girl! The Krall sergeant took two boots in the mouth when he approached here. Haha I can only laugh at their stupidity."
Universal Translator: "The woman they captured is scheduled to be executed. I cannot let this happen! As foolish as it sounds I will attempt to sneak her out of the prison cell through our secret caves. From there she can escape to the bell tower until darkness."
Universal Translator: "Science Officer Kira Argmanov: Separated from my crewmates from ISV-KRAN, I've only been able to stay alive by holding up in this bell tower. A native Nali help me escape from the prison cell the Skaarj put me in. Hopefully the Skaarj won't find me here."
--Bluff Eversmoking

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