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Lauren UT3

Lauren in Unreal Tournament 3

The team leader of the Iron Guard. no-nonsense "super star".

see also: Akasha

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Originally the team leader of the Iron Guard (Unreal Tournament '99), Lauren's popularity rose. In Unreal Tournament 2003, she is one of the elite combatants. Lauren is featured in Unreal Championship's opening video as part of a team with Malcolm and Brock.

Unreal ChampionshipEdit

In Unreal Championship, Lauren appears in the opening video on a team with Malcolm and Brock. Players must complete the game to unlock Lauren as a playable character.

Necris LaurenEdit

In the alternate timeline of Unreal Championship II, Lauren is a necris. According to the story, Brock dies at the hands of Gorge. Lauren was greatly grieved over the loss of her lover and shot herself in the head with an enforcer. The Liandri corporation couldn't let their star contenders perish, so they paid for both to undergo the Necris Process.

Lauren now sports pale skin and red hair. She gained the ability to spawn energy swords at will.

This version of Lauren is under debate as Unreal Championship is not considered part of the main Unreal Tournament timeline.

Name: Lauren Natham

Hometown: Roston, Louisiana, United States of America

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