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Luke "Ldude93" Knott

Luke "Ldude93" Knott is the Lead Designer and Concept Artist at Overkill Games UK and leader of L-mod unlimited, Luke is the creator of the Bushido Map Pack V1.1 , V1.2 and V1.3 and also the these maps: DM-Asylum2 and DM-Saracen2 .

Luke Knott has stated "I am currently working on maps for Unreal Tournament 2004 " and "The Bushido Map Packs for Unreal Tournament are official map packs for Unreal Tournament and are not just user generated content".

As of 09 March 2011, Luke has renamed his alias name as Ldude93.

Roles at Overkill Games UKEdit

Luke Knott is the Lead Designer, Concept Artist, Writer and Voice actor at Overkill Games UK, He created the entire story of Cold Dawn and is also voicing the main protagonist.

L-mod unlimitedEdit

Luke Knott is currently the leading administrator of a newly formed community called L-mod unlimited, this community will be responsible for development mods for Unreal Tournament 2004 due to Overkill Games UK focusing on Cold Dawn, L-mod unlimited is currently at war against Overkill Games UK as Overkill Games UK is fighting for their goals to make money, however L-mod unlimited are fighting the gamers as they believe that this is not about money but about joy and entertainment, this war began on the 06 March 2011, the day L-mod unlimited was formed and it is unknown when it will end but Overkill Games UK's projects and works have been delayed until problems have been resolved.


  • Luke and his development team have said to have taken charge of creating official game content for Unreal Tournament since November 2010
  • Luke is currently working on a singleplayer game mode for Unreal Tournament called Alpha & Omega 2011 , there is a short demo video on Youtube
  • Luke is the Voice actor of Danny Harrigan in the upcoming shooter "Cold Dawn" A game currently in development by Overkill Games UK.
  • Due to the cancellation of the mod Alpha & Omega 2011, Luke is currently fighting the head of the company.
  • Luke has confirmed that he is siding with the gamers and against his company, risking his job for the people.
  • Luke formed L-mod unlimited, a community within Overkill Games UK fighting for the gamers instead of fighting to gain popularity and money like what Overkill Games UK's goals are.

OverkillGamesUK 23:28, March 9, 2011 (UTC)Luke Daniel Knott

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