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The Axon Leviathan is a vehicle appearing in Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 3. It is a large-sized vehicle that is the center of all might for Axon. It has infantry turrets that support it on the upper deck. It has an Ion cannon which explodes upon impact amongst the surrounding area. This vehicle is also considered the "supervehicle" of the game due to its sheer power and size.

Strategies Using OneEdit

Given that the map you're playing has Leviathans, these titans are especially powerful if deployed near a prime (power)node. Rushing in this vehicle is a bad idea, as not only is it slow, but it's also large in size, as the vehicle's sheer size means that it will take a lot of damage.

Strategies AgainstEdit

Rushing is not advised, and faster vehicles can easily outrun the deployed vehicle's main gun, making the whole vehicle a lot easier to kill. Raptors or other flying vehicles can park above one and shoot away while the Leviathan cannot aim up that high. Redeemers are also a great option due to their super strength.


  • The only map in the base version of UT2004 to include the Leviathan is ONS-RedPlanet.

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