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The Liandri Angels are enemies which appear on Unreal II: The Awakening.

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The Liandri Angels are a special operations unit developed by the Liandri. They are comprised of all-female warriors, bred since birth to be fighters. They are highly skilled and highly organized, and have largely set aside their emotions, although they will cry out when squad-mates are killed in combat.

The Angels made their debut in Unreal 2 as a special ops. force sent to retrieve the Tosc Artifacts from John Dalton. They also appear at the Repair Facility on Kalydon, which was where the TCA Atlantis was being repaired. They are among the toughest opponents John faces throughout the campaign.

Like most Unreal 2 enemies, they come in Light Medium and Heavy classes, and are similar to the Ghost Warriors in weapon loadout. They tend to be faster, more accurate and better coordinated, making them a more serious threat. They are frequently delivered to the battlefield by Liandri dropships, the landing zones for which are sometimes scouted by Liandri drones prior to deployment.

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