Linkgun turret

The Link Gun Turret in UT2004

"Built by the same company, the Link Turret is just like its little brother, the Link Gun. Primary fire features plasma projectiles and Alt-Fire a beam. Beams can be linked to other turrets to increase their firepower, or heal teammates. The Turret also features basic autopilot and energy shield."
- UT2004 manual

Link Turrets are turrets seen exclusively in Unreal Tournament 2004's Assault gametype, making appearances only in AS-RobotFactory and AS-Mothership. There is a plasma shield (merely cosmetic) that is shown every time the turret is hit. By default, bots will not use turrets, as the turrets are classified in the game as bots themselves, and follow the same difficulty as the currently set bot AI.

If you are able to get in a turret, the Link Turret has the same firing mechanism as the Link Gun. It's health is also revealed to be 750, a high amount for a turret of its size. Even better, the turret can be used to heal ally vehicles or other turrets, allowing for a regenerating defense.