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Avalon trainging mission Edit

  • Navigating TCA Headquarters
  • TCA Training Course

Atlantis Interlude Edit

Sanctuary Edit

  • Part I: Mining Complex Entrance
  • Part II: Mining Complex
  • Part III: Power Plant


  • Speedship Crash Site


  • Part I: Descent
  • Part II: Discovery
  • Part III: Desolation
  • Part IV: Disclosure
  • Back on the Atlantis


  • Outside Terraforming Plant
  • back on Atlantis


  • Severnaya Waterfront
  • Back on the Atlantis

Kalydon Edit

  • Outside Repair Facility
  • Back on the Atlantis

Sulferon Edit

  • Part I: Secret Iznagi Facility
  • Part II Defend
  • back on Atlantis

Janus Edit

  • Part I: Outside Polaris
  • Part II: Polaris Entrance
  • Part III: Polaris Geologics Research
  • Part IV: Polaris Geologics Research Exterior
  • Part V: Polaris Geologics Research Rooftop
  • Back on Atlantis

Na-Koja Abad Edit

  • Part I: Na-Koja Abad
  • Part II: Izanagi Xeno Research Facility
  • Part III: Excavation
  • back on Atlantis

NC962VIII (Drakk Hive Planet) Edit

  • Part I: Suspicion
  • Part II: Scrutiny
  • Part III: Subjugation
  • Part IV: Subordination
  • Part V: Solitude
  • back on Atlantis


  • Avalon

Dorian GrayEdit

  • Part I: The Vault
  • Part II: The Dorian Gray
  • Epilogue

  • Note: this is referenced from the Unreal II:THE Awakening game guide

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