The Longbow ARViL in Unreal Tournament 3

The Longbow AVRiL is a weapon appearing in Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 3. Its main use is to take out the vehicles in both games, and many times, it can take out an undamaged Manta in a single shot.

Death TextEdit


# was blown away by # with an ARViL.

# pointed his/her gun the wrong way.


In UT3, the death text is unobtainable without use of the "Weapon Replacement" mutator.

# rode #'s rocket to oblivion.

# pointed their gun the wrong way.


The UT2004 ARViL

Chart for Shots/VehicleEdit

* means that a vehicle has higher health in UT3. UT2004 results are the first shown.

** means that the vehicle did not appear in UT2004.


  • The ARViL is the only weapon to first appear in UT2004, but made it into UT3.
  • The UT2004 ARViL has a bad recoil that can push the user off of a platform.
  • The UT3 ARViL is significantly rarer than in UT2004.

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