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M. v. Wely was a guard on board the Vortex Rikers. After the ship crashed onto the planet Na Pali, he managed to escape the ship with a couple other crew members. The crew attempted to send a distress signal after the crash to no avail. However, they did receive word from the ISV-Kran (which was another ship lost in the area about 3 months before) and figured they needed to gain control of the Skaarj Mothership to escape the planet. They set up a small camp at a nearby abandoned Nali house as the Vortex Rikers' hull was too unstable. The members of the camp were picked off each night by Lesser Brutes.

At some point, his brother attempted to gain assistance from the local Nali population instead of waiting to be killed like the rest of the camp. B. v. Wely had not returned to the camp after eight hours however, causing M. v. Wely to become worried. He started searching for his brother, yet he ended up with a broken leg on a small platform on top of the river. Regretting his decision, he soon died from an unknown cause. It is assumed that his disabled leg made it impossible to continue and he was attacked by some of the wildlife of Na Pali.

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