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Malcolm is a character in the Unreal series.

Bio Edit

Malcolm (called Malcom in UT) is a Human combatant in Unreal Tournament.

He was designed by FenTech Incorporated, and participates in the Liandri Grand Tournament as a member of Thunder Crash, which in the original Unreal Tournament is led by Othello.

In the Unreal Tournament 2003 storyline continuity he becomes famous for defeating longtime champion Xan Kriegor in 2293 (implying the results of a canonical Unreal Tournament storyline) and breaking Xan's undefeated winning streak.

In the Unreal Championship 2 storyline continuity, he remains champion for nine consecutive years, until his defeat at the hands of the Juggernaut Gorge in 2302 (again implying the results of a canonical UT2003 storyline), who breaks his spine in the process. Since then the Liandri uses him as color commentator in their pre-game shows. During the 523rd Nakhti Ascension Rites (Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict) he meets Anubis and invites him into Thunder Crash, but Anubis declines.

The Unreal Championship 2 continuity apparently contradicts the timeline of Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 3 as no reference is ever made to any injury sustained by Malcolm.

In Unreal Tournament 3, he makes a cameo as mission control for Team Ronin, being hired by the Izanagi Corporation.

Tournaments won Edit

Unreal Tournament Edit

Malcom's ' character card

Name: Malcom
Race: Human
Classification: Thunder Crash

"FenTech's finest creation, Malcom is an engineered warrior enhanced by chemicals. Adrenaline stimulants, synaptic catalysts, and impulse regulators combine to create as superhuman killing machine."

Malcolm's first appearance in Unreal Tournament is actually the second appearance of, his team, Thunder Crash, in the Unreal Tournament singleplayer Domination ladder. Malcolm is only fielded in matches where a fourth team member is required to fill out the Thunder Crash roster. Additionally, he is the only Thunder Crash member listed as a 'Chem Killer' rather than a 'Warrior.'

Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 Edit

Malcolm's ' character card

Name: Malcolm
Race: Human
Classification: Tournament Warrior
Birth date: 2261

Accuracy: 96
Agility: 94
Aggresiveness: 96 (UT2003)/73 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 97

"Needs no introduction - most famous veteran of the Tournaments, recognized on every planet. With the typical calm pride of the Earth-born, and strong sense of loyalty, Malcolm is a true survivor and born leader."

Though Malcolm is a boss to beat (and unlockable player model as well) in both games, he has two different roles in both UT2003 and UT2004.

In the first game, he formed a team with former rivals Brock and Lauren, but they were defeated by Gorge's Juggernaut team in the finals. The team itself plays in a team deathmatch in the semifinals, while Malcolm himself is the boss to beat in the final.

In the second game, due to infighting and recrimination, this team was disbanded and they returned to their former teams (Thunder Crash and Iron Guard) as leaders; the Crash remained almost intact from Unreal Tournament (only Ryanna was left out, in her place there were three new warriors: Jakob, Taye and Picard), while Iron Guard was completely reformed. The Crash is one of the three teams the player may face in the finals, depending on how well they fared on the Ladders, and Malcolm one of the three bosses. The Crash as a team fights in the semifinals, while Malcolm himself fights in the final.

Unreal Championship 2 Edit

Malcolm's ' character card

Name: Malcolm
Race: Human
Classification: Warrior
Age: 54 yrs.

Starting weapons: Enforcers, Cryo Staff

"The most famous Tournament player, Malcolm is a nine-time Champion whose face is recognized on every planet in the galaxy. His winning streak (and his spine) was snapped a few years ago by a crushing blow delivered by Gorge in the tournament finals. Malcolm never regained his former agility, but makes up for it with decades of experience. The Liandri use him extensively as a color commentator in their pre-game shows."

Malcolm makes a cameo during most of the Ascension Rites as a commentator for the event alongside a Liandri bot, as offworlders aren't eligible for Nakhti emperorship. In a cutscene he's seen trying to get Anubis into Thunder Crash, initially getting the rejection. In Anubis's ladder, however, the emperor is seen as part of the newest incarnation of Thunder Crash alongside Lauren, Sapphire, and of course Malcolm.

He has his own ladder, as well, yet it remains to be seen how much canon it is, considering that none of his matches can be found in either the Rites or Anubis's ladder, which takes place after the Rites.

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

Malcolm's ' character card

Name: Malcolm
Race: Human
Classification: Warrior

"During the off-season, Tournament stars and team captains are often recruited by the major corporations to serve as consultants for training or leading their paramilitary security forces. With so much at stake on the planet Taryd, the Izanagi Corporation made a massive investment, recruiting tournament champion Malcolm as commander of their security forces. Malcolm: a true survivor and born leader, a nine-time champion whose face is recognized on every planet in the galaxy."

In the game, Malcolm doesn't appear as a playable character in this game, but is seen in cutscenes. This time, he's hired by Izanagi Corporation and is basically mission control for the Ronin team, mentoring and leading them. That is, until the Necris invasion finishes and the Ronin sets up to Omicron 6, homeworld of the Necris, in order to put a definitive end to the Necris invasion, which causes the Izanagi to disavow any kind of relationship with them. In the end it was revealed that he was behind most of the events of the game, including the raid to the Twin Souls colony.

Physical appearance Edit

Clothing Edit

Gear Edit

Quotes Edit

In Unreal Tournament he uses the Male Soldier voicepack. In Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004 he uses the Male Human voicepack. In both Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict and Unreal Tournament 3 he gets his own voicepacks, although he isn't a playable character on the latter. He's voiced by Patrick Amos in UC2 and by Greg Eagles in UT3.

Unreal Championship 2 Edit

Ascension Rites Edit

Robot commentator: "Welcome to the Opening Round of the five hundred twenty third Nakhti Ascension Rites. I'm joined by Malcolm, who is no stranger to combat tournaments."
Malcolm: "Good to be here. It's a nice morning here in the Nakhti capital, but it's about to get nasty."
Robot commentator: "It's been eight years since Emperor Hasan won the accepter. Now he's fallen ill, and must step aside."
Malcolm: "So now, hundreds of hopefuls from across the planet are here to fight for the throne, or die trying."
Robot commentator: "This year competitors who reach the playoffs also qualify for the big leagues, the Liandri Grand Tournament."
Malcolm: "This competition may be small, but it won't leave you disappointed. Ancient traditions, a final match to the death, and all the carnage you expect from a sanctioned Liandri tournament. Heh! I can't wait."
Robot commentator: "Let's get to the action."
--Eternal Vigilance
Robot commentator: "Welcome back to our live coverage of the Nakhti Ascension Rites. We have a full day of Team Deathmatch for you. Malcolm, what do you think of the next match-up?"
Malcolm: "Anubis is a newcomer who has beaten the odds - not to mention some tough shooters - to get this far."
Robot commentator: "I understand his teammate has some experience in Liandri tournaments?"
Malcolm: "Sobek had potential, but he wasn't too popular, and couldn't hold on to a sponsor. It's good to see him back on the circuit."
Robot commentator: "Of course, all eyes are on the center arena, where Selket and her partner Apophis are punishing their opponents. Let's get back to the action."
--Team Deathmatch
Malcolm: "The Skaarj. Their brutality is legendary throughout the galaxy. Hands down, they're the most vicious warriors around. Which makes my guest a tourney competitor to be feared. Szalor, welcome."
Szalor (on the arena): "Good to be here."
Malcolm: "Let's cut right to the chase. Why do Skaarj hate humans?"
Szalor (on the arena): "You killed our queen."
Malcolm: "Sure, but that was at the end of the war. Why did you attack our colonies?"
Szalor (on the arena): "We have no grudge against humans."
Malcolm: "That's a relief! You heard it here first."
Szalor (on the arena): "We subjugate all inferior races, not just humans."
Malcolm: "Ohhh-key. Let's move on. Your next opponent is some Nakhti soldier... Anubis."
Szalor (on the arena): "[growls]"
Malcolm: "Must be tough facing an "inferior human" as an equal."
Szalor (on the arena): "Not as equal."
Malcolm: "Competitor, then."
Szalor (on the arena): "Hm... It is... unsatisfying... to rip them apart, only to have them respawn."
Malcolm: "Your next match is a Nali Slaughter. Some would say it's unwise to meet a Skaarj warrior in a game they invented."
Szalor (on the arena): "It is always unwise to fight a Skaarj warrior."
Malcolm: "Tell me about the Nali. What are they like?"
Szalor (on the arena): "They are sheep. Slaughtering them almost takes the pleasure out of killing. Almost... [laughs maniacally]"
--Lambs to the Slaughter
Robot commentator: "Next we have our first Overdose match. Malcolm, why don't you take us through the rules?"
Malcolm: "Overdose is all right. But the fans'll tell you the real story here is Lauren."
Robot commentator: "We're glad to see her in the ring again. She looks great!"
Malcolm: "Lauren was as tough as they come. She rode with me and the Crash for years. But when Brock died, she lost it, and killed herself."
Robot commentator: "But now, thanks to the Liandri Mining Corporation, she's fighting better than ever."
Malcolm: "Thanks to the Phayder assassins, you mean."
Robot commentator: "The Necris rejuvenation process was invented by the Phayder. Their famous motto is "no one kills like the dead". But the Liandri paid them a king's ransom to bring Lauren back to the Tournament."
Malcolm: "Out of the goodness of their hearts, I hear she's real happy to be back."
Robot commentator: "She sure is! Of course, offworlders aren't eligible to win the throne, but this is a great chance for her to prepare for the Grand Tournament."
Malcolm: "Hey, kid."
Anubis: "Malcolm."
Malcolm: "Yeah. Listen - I want you for my team in the real tourney. For Thunder Crash."
Anubis: "Thanks, but this is my home. Even if I do qualify, it ends here."
Malcolm: "Smart. Get out if you can. But you're too hot for your own good."
--A Moment's Reprieve
Robot commentator: "Welcome to the playoffs! We're down to our seven finalists.They've all qualified for the Liandri Grand Tournament, but it's the Imperial throne that it's on their minds today. First, a quick review of the rules. The quarterfinal round is a six-way deathmatch, which the top-scorer gets to skip..."
Malcolm: "...and that's Selket. Nobody came close to her scores."
Robot commentator: "Selket, and the top three quarterfinalists will meet in two semifinal deathmatches, with pairings decided by random draw."
Malcolm: "The winners head to the finals for a fight to the death. The winner's crowned Emperor. The loser goes home in a box."
Robot commentator: "Our competitors are ready, so let's get one last look."
Robot commentator: "What an incredible match. Fine performances by all, but three competitors will go home empty-handed. Malcolm, are you surprised to see Anubis in the semi-finals?"
Malcolm: "Nah! He has fighting in his blood - from his grandmother, the late Empress Seshafi."
Robot commentator: "But he turned his back on his family's tradition, not to mention his arranged marriage with Selket, eight years ago."
Malcolm: "Skipping the Tourney was one thing, but pissing off a chick like Selket was suicidal. I bet she's dying to meet him in the arena."
Robot commentator: "Well, that would be exciting, but all the semi-final matchups are completely random."
Malcolm: "Yeah, random."

Frag taunts Edit

Malcolm: "Smackdown."
Malcolm: "Owned!"
Malcolm: "I'm too hot."
Malcolm: "Who's the champ?"
Malcolm: "Damn right!"
Malcolm: "Still number one."
Malcolm: "I'm on fire."
Malcolm: "Drop it like it's hot."
Malcolm: "I'm just playing for stats now."
Malcolm: "You know how we do!"
Malcolm: "Whose house? My house."
Malcolm: "That's right, I bring it."
Malcolm: "You're a busta."
Malcolm: "Out of the way, noob."
Malcolm: "Don't hate the playa."

Death taunts Edit

Malcolm: "Ah, hell no."
Malcolm: "Oh, no, you didn't!"
Malcolm: "Step off."
Malcolm: "Damn!"
Malcolm: "Not bad."
Malcolm: "Sweet move."
Malcolm: "Bitch, please."
Malcolm: "Oh, snap!"
Malcolm: "You just set it off."
Malcolm: "I thought we was cool?"
Malcolm: "My head's ringin."
Malcolm: "It's like that, huh?"
Malcolm: "Is that how it is?"
Malcolm: "The cane keeps me sane."
Malcolm: "Sorry, I was countin' my money."

Searching taunts Edit

Malcolm: "Here I come, baby!"
Malcolm: "Time to get paid."
Malcolm: "Quit playin' with yourself."
Malcolm: "Here comes the thunder!"
Malcolm: "I'm'a mess you up."
Malcolm: "That's right, back on up."

Other taunts Edit

Malcolm (Friendly fire, receiver): "Watch it, kid."
Malcolm (Friendly fire, receiver): "Damn!"
Malcolm (Friendly fire, giver): "My bad."
Malcolm (Arrived to defense): "Take your time."
Malcolm (Has the flag): "I've got the flag."
Malcolm (Has the flag): "I have the flag."
Malcolm (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "That's my flag, bitch!"
Malcolm (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "There's the flag carrier."
Malcolm (Base under attack): "Here they come."
Malcolm (Base under attack): "Incoming!"
Malcolm (Under heavy fire): "Little help?"
Malcolm (Order: attack): "Cap enemy flag"
Malcolm (Order: defend): "Defend our flag"
Malcolm (Order: cover): "Cover me"
Malcolm (Order: hold position): "Hold here"
Malcolm (Order: freelance): "Freelance"
Malcolm (Order acknowledgement: attack): "Let's roll!"
Malcolm (Order acknowledgement: defend): "I got D."
Malcolm (Order acknowledgement: cover): "No problem."
Malcolm (Order acknowledgement: hold position): "You got it."
Malcolm (Order acknowledgement: freelance): "Sure thing."
Malcolm (Covering): "Let's go."

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

Malcolm: "Izanagi hired me to run Special Ops."
Reaper: "That can't be cheap."
Malcolm: "Sounds like you know my rep."
Reaper: "Yeah, who doesn't? Most grand tournament trophies, ever. Leader of Thunder Crash, AKA 'Thunder Cash'..."
Malcolm: "Aight, I get it."
Reaper: "...all of which makes you a highly decorated... civilian."
Malcolm: "I've run 'Thunder Cash' in the wackiest conditions the Liandri could dream up... magma-filled volcanoes, zero gravity, fucked-up aliens, you name it. This shit here's a cakewalk."
UT3 Single Player, Act II: With Caesar's Coin
Malcolm: "We've kept the fight under the N.E.G.'s radar. But this new alliance may fool the Phayder into making a mistake... like open warfare. We need more Tarydium to keep our tanks rollin'. The Liandri have plenty, so we're takin' it. Suit up, quit, I don't care. But Izanagi's still got a war to fight."
UT3 Single Player, Act III: The Liandri Conflict

Trivia Edit

Speculation Edit

It is possible, given Malcolm's affiliation with the Liandri during the Ascension Rites tournament, that this offering was an attempt by the Liandri presence on the planet to get Anubis out of the way without having to pit him against Selket. Selket was already in Liandri's pocket, and while they were probably fairly confident that they could buy Anubis over by manipulating his grief for his dead love (presuming he won the final match to the death against Selket), he was a much less certain thing. So if Liandri could associate Anubis with Thunder Crash, it might prevent him from pushing on to the finals and potentially disrupting their plans to gain political control over the Nakhti planet via Selket, and avoid the potential risk altogether, as well as maintaining both competitors (and their high ratings) without being involved with the Phayder.

Early-on, it is established that the Liandri liaison is attempting to decide between Selket and Anubis, and the match leading up to the Selket fight is artificially tilted in Anubis' favor. Most likely, once Anubis refused Malcolm's offer, and Liandri realized Anubis' dedication to his ancestry, they concluded that he couldn't be bought out so easily, and they decided to bank on him being easily manipulated after the finals as a result of his prior relationship with Selket.

If this is true, then it is consistent with his actions in Unreal Tournament 3 (where he sells out Reaper and his team to the Phayder Corporation to protect the Izanagi Corporation from potential legal damages caused by Ronin's brash actions), and with the typical Unreal story-telling style, where characters are rarely all good or all evil, but simply act on their own motivations. Malcolm may come off as a heroic character style on the surface, but he knows how to play the game with the corporations. To him the Tournament is simply business, no matter whose lives may be destroyed in the process.

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