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The SCUBA Gear is an inventory item in Unreal and Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali, and a pickup item in Unreal Tournament.

Overview Edit

The item lets you breathe underwater until the oxygen supply ends, which is a relatively long time since it is compressed. It is activated automatically once underwater. If deactivated while underwater, you'll start drowning. It isn't a very common item, and it is mostly found in maps with plenty of water areas such as Chizra - Nali Water God and The Ceremonial Chambers.

Unreal Tournament Edit

Another appearance is in UT in the map AS-OceanFloor. You'll find four of them in the Attackers' base; they act in the same way as the normal SCUBA Gears found in Unreal, except since the "Activate Item" command is removed from the game, the Scuba Gear activates automatically, once you collect it (A sound of strong breath reverbrating in a mask, heard in Unreal I when underwater wearing the Scuba Gear, will validate that).

Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali Edit

The SCUBA gear appears in Return to Na Pali, in an alternate version known as the Marine SCUBA Gear. What differs from the original version is the regeneration of the oxygen supply, giving it infinite usability. Also, some messages will appear that warn you about the quantity of oxygen left or when the oxygen level is returned to full.

Locations Edit

  • Unreal
    • Chizra - Nali Water God
    • The Ceremonial Chambers
    • Na Pali Haven
    • Cellars at Dasa Pass
  • Unreal Tournament
    • AS-OceanFloor

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