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The Metal Guard is a team appearing in Unreal Tournament.

Overview Edit

They are physically and mentally 'rebuilt' masked human soldiers wearing facial masks. They are all either brainwashed, being servants to Xan Kriegor, just like The Corrupt, or psychotic, fighting for the pleasure of inflicting pain upon others.

This team is not featured as a playable team in the single player ladder.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Edit


Name: Barktooth
Race: Human
Class: Metal Guard
Birth date: 2271

Accuracy: 83
Agility: 96
Aggresiveness: 97
Team tactics: 74
Weapon preference: Flak Cannon

"Barktooth would rather rip an opponent to shreds with his bare hands than fight from afar. He also finds close range Flak shots very satisfying."


Name: Karag
Race: Human
Class: Metal Guard
Birth date: 2261

Accuracy: 86
Agility: 96
Aggresiveness: 69
Team tactics: 73
Weapon preference: None

"Before joining the Iron Guard, Karag honed his weapon handling skills during a long stint as a Marshall for the Terran Colonial Authority. His style and panache already have the the Tournament audience abuzz."

Trivia Edit

  • In the original version of Unreal Tournament the Metal Guard skins aren't automatically installed. In later versions (GOTY and Anthology) they are.
  • Two Metal Guard members, Karag and Barktooth, have probably switched teams and are in Iron Guard since UT2004.

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