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Na Koja Abad (mission) (whose full name is Na Koja Abad) is a map appearing in Unreal II: The Awakening.

Prologue Edit

Before the mission actually starts, Aida describes the planet Na Koja Abad in a briefing. It was only briefly occupied by its original settlers, who never found the massive alien structure fifty klicks away from their position. Because the planet is permanently shrouded in clouds and fog formed by the planet's massive amounts of hydrogen sulfide, there is never a clear day and acid rain comes down from the clouds endlessly. Izanagi mercenaries have occupied a world that nobody else wants, for one simple reason: they have found the alien structure the fog hides and are after whatever is inside it.

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  • The planet Na Koja Abad appears in a multiplayer map called XMP-NaKoja, in addition to its appearance in the campaign.
  • The planet Na Koja Abad was originally settled by people of Arab origin, who named it after a spiritual realm otherwise called "The Land of Nowhere".

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