NaPali planet

Na Pali

Na Pali (known as Gryphon 4-A, the fourth planet in the Gryphon system) is the main homeworld in the Unreal Universe. The Planet is known to be rich with a vast mineral called Tarydium, which caused numerous ships to crash onto the planet. Na Pali is also home to a primitive alien race known as the Nali, but some time later the Skaarj Empire invaded the planet and enslaved the Nali by ordering them to mine the Tarydium in the Rrajigar Mines under constant guard by Lesser Brutes and Skaarj. It is also home to wildlife such as the Nali Rabbit, Horsefly, Tentacle, Biterfish, Nali Cow, and Nali Bird. A Terran Prison Transporter crashlanded on the planet and the survivors were forced to fight the wildlife. However, none fared too well against the creatures except for one survivor known as Prisoner 849; who went as far as fighting the Skaarj Queen and escaping the planet.


  • In Unreal Tournament 3, inside the Titan Pack, there is a Warfare map called Hostile that is fought on Na Pali. It is the only map in the game to be fought outside of Omricon 6 or Taryd.