Unreal1Icon RTNPIconThe Nali are a primitive race that are native to the planet Na Pali, as well as its former rulers. The Nali are deeply religious and can often be found in heavy prayer. Sometimes their prayers are answered with the ability to teleport (however their ability is limited) or to open solid walls. They also are extremely timid, afraid of any who might attempt to harm their benevolent race. Due to this, the Nali will get frightened by the player if they use their guns near them, thus making their timid behavior a heavy downside.

The Nali have constructed numerous wondrous monuments such as temples and shrines to their Gods. The Nali believe that the Skaarj are demons cast down by angry gods to punish them for something they had done. Many Nali have been enslaved by the Skaarj to work in the Rrajigar Mine to mine for Tarydium. As their religion forbids the use of violence the Nali could not resist being under Skaarj rule and were left to pray for their freedom. The Skaarj forbids the Nali to leave Rrajigar Mines, so the Nali were also placed under constant guard to prevent them from merely teleporting away to a safe haven.

Eventually, the Nali believed that their prayers would be answered and that they would be forgiven for their crimes. A chosen one would descend from the skies and free the Nali from their imprisonment. It has been assumed that Prisoner 849 was the chosen one; however, the Skaarj occupation on the planet of Na Pali didn't end as the player only killed off a couple colonies. Perhaps the chosen one had yet to come, or maybe the Nali's hopes were too high and their prayers were destined to be ignored.

A variant of the Nali, called the Nali Priest, can also be seen throughout the campaign in addition to the basic ones.


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