The Nali Rabbit (also known as the Nalangaroo) is a harmless (and admittedly cute, if not the slightest bit strange) animal found on the surface of Na Pali in Unreal. They are about the same height as the player's knees. Nali Rabbits often can be heard squeaking or seen hopping around the landscape on their two legs, which serve as the only limbs they have. They were made with 21 polygons by Juan Pancho Eekels as one of his first modeling jobs, which can't even make a decent crate nowadays. The Nali Rabbit is extremely weak, being able to be gibbed simply by having a player walk over them.


  • Occasionally, Nali Rabbits can get stuck in a loop of jumping on top of each other, evidenced by this video.

Found in LevelsEdit

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