Necris Edit

The Necris are a faction of combatants appearing in the Unreal Tournament series. Their depiction in the series is controversial due to different continuities between the games.

Unreal Tournament describes the Necris as an alien race but provides little to no details about their origins. Developer Brandon Reinhart elaborates that the Necris are an alien race that was, "until now, rarely seen."[1] Backstories for the Necris characters reveal the Necris race has a secret society known as the Phayder which has declared guerrilla war against Earth. Many of the Necris character backstories allude to this war via description of attacks against NEG military or civilian populations.

Unreal Championship 2 (and later Unreal Tournament titles) introduces the idea that the Necris are individuals brought back to life via what is called the Necris Process. This process involves the reanimation of the body with the use of nanobots called nanoblack, which were created by the Phayder Corporation. The company has then framed them as the Black Legion in the Liandri Unreal Tournament to represent their corporation.

Kragoth, one of the Necris in UT99.


Playing a larger role in the game's plot, the Necris serve as the leading antagonists in Unreal Tournament 3, lead by Akasha. Declaring war on Earth, the Necris forces perform a full-out invasion of the planet (not Earth) but are quickly deterred by Ronin. No longer a threat to the planet, Earth's primary forces don't perform a counterattack. However; after reacquiring a space station from Necris forces, Ronin team sets off to the Necris home world alone on a revenge mission against Akasha, a mission that tournament leader Malcolm does not support.

Since their initial appearance, the Necris have received many visual improvements to improve their alien reminiscent appearance. These include: Cyclops helmets, artificial arms and spines, and mechanical insect-like legs.

Unreal Championship II: The Liandri Conflict Edit

The Liandri Corporation uses the Necris Process to keep fan favorite combatants alive. When Brock was killed by Gorge (outside the tournament), Liandri brought him back along with Lauren (who committed suicide shortly after learning of Brock's death).

After Selket was killed in the final match of the Championship against Anubis (her former lover), Liandri offered to reanimate her using the Necris Process as long as Anubis, now the Emperor of the Nakhti, agreed to serve their interests; namely, fighting and winning in the Tournaments. Caring more for Selket than his position as Emperor, he accepted, and Selket was resurrected to stand by his side as Empress.

UT3 CharactersEdit

  • Akasha
  • Alanna
  • Damian
  • Judas
  • Kragoth
  • Loque
  • Malakai

UT3 QuotesEdit

  • My blood is black
  • In position
  • Incoming
  • Midfield
  • A waste of good suffering
  • I'll be back, again, and again
  • Kill me all you want

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