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Item Type|


Primary Fire|

Hitscan laser beams (Fire rate varies)

Secondary Fire|


Special Ability|

Variable positions

Health Points|


The Nemesis is a Necris tank appearing in Unreal Tournament 3. With its speed and lack of skill needed, it is much easier to use than other Necris vehicles, but still isn't as user-friendly as the Axon vehicles.

Strategies WithEdit

You can tell right away that the vehicle has 3 uses mainly to accomodate the 3 positions of the turret. The lowest is useful as a transport and can easily run over people. The mid-range is ideal for combat at moderate range, and can easily dipatch of lone targets and Longbow ARViL rockets. The highest position is perfect for Ground-to-Air combat or Raptor sniping, as the high rate of fire and hitscan firing speed preventing players from dodging.

Strategies AgainstEdit

AI do not use the positions offered, so they always use the default middle position. Attacking from more than one area is smart, as the vehicle does not have any copilots. Online, however, people use the multiple positions very frequently, and generally, having good aireal vehicle skill is needed to kill one with a Raptor, Cicada or Fury.

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