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If you're searching for the Phayder-sponsored Necris team, you might want to check Necris Black Legion.

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Overview Edit

Unreal Championship/Unreal Tournament 2003 Edit

"The pleasure these foul creatures derive from the pain of their wounded enemies triggers the release of powerful regenerative drugs secreted from their heavily modified glandular systems. The more pain they inflict, the harder they become to kill."
- Team description

Unreal Tournament 2004 Edit

"The Black Legion is made up of the hideously deformed subjects of weaponized genetic mutation tests. This year, they have a new leader, Abaddon, the current pinnacle of achievement of this line of experiments."
- Team description

Roster Edit

Abaddon Edit

Abaddon's ' character card

Name: Abaddon
Race: Nightmare
Classification: Nightmare
Birth date: 2272

Accuracy: 84
Agility: 84
Aggresiveness: 72
Team tactics: 96
Preferred weapon:

"Abaddon, the leader of the Black Legion, is the result of extensive genetic manipulation experiments. The sponsoring corporation considered the experiment a failure, because although he is a highly efficient killer, the constant pain wracking his body is expected to considerably shorten his lifespan, reducing the commercial potential for the technology."

Brutalis Edit

Brutalis's ' character card

Name: Specimen 031G
Race: Nightmare
Classification: Homo Sapien Taratis
Birth date: 2279

Accuracy: 87 (UT2003)/84 (UT2004)
Agility: 74 (UT2003)/84 (UT2004)
Aggresiveness: 87 (UT2003)/72 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 96

"As strong as he is ugly, Brutalis was part of an experiment to hybridize Human and Taratic prisoners into a highly intelligent killing machine. The project was scrapped after proving to be more successful than anyone could have imagined."

Domina Edit

Domina's ' character card

Name: Domina
Race: Nightmare
Classification: Homo Sapiens Medusae
Birth date: 2248

Accuracy: 86
Agility: 83
Aggresiveness: 86 (UT2003)/73 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 76

"A walking deathtrap that preys on the compassion of her victims, Domina prowls the dark corners of a thousand worlds seeking enemies of the Empire. Like all members of the Vigilance Force, Domina possesses the unique ability to ferret out treason where none has been committed. Some say she can hear guilty thoughts, others say she can find the threads of dissent woven deep into the DNA. Whatever it may be, if the shadows speak to you in a child's voice one day, run, and never stop running as long as you have breath in your body."

Fate Edit

Fate's ' character card

Name: Fate
Race: Cybernetic

Accuracy: 88
Agility: 74
Aggresiveness: 88 (UT2003)/72 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 84

"As a child her dreams were filled with ghoulish monstrosities, nightmares that craved the sustenance of human suffering. Decades later only the nightmare remains, and the innocence of childhood is a fairy tale for the weak."

Harlequin Edit

Harlequin's ' character card

Name: Harlequin
Race: Nightmare
Classification: Homo Sapiens Medusae

Accuracy: 87
Agility: 86
Aggresiveness: 87 (UT2003)/73 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 75

"Ever wonder why children are afraid of clowns? Now you know."

Lilith Edit

Main article: Lilith
Main article: Lilith
Lilith's ' character card

Name: Sara Cortez
Race: Cybernetic
Birth date: 2284

Accuracy: 76
Agility: 87 (UT2003)/86 (UT2004)
Aggresiveness: 76 (UT2003)/72 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 74

"Having lost her legs during an attack on an Imperial medical supply transport, Lilith was captured and sentenced to deletion of personality at the Purgatory penal facility. With her mind and body rebuilt from the ground up she now serves as a bounty hunter for the Empire."

Mr. Crow Edit

Main article: Mr. Crow
Main article: Mr. Crow
Mr. Crow's ' character card

Name: Mr. Crow
Race: Nightmare
Classification: Homo Sapiens Medusae
Birth date: Approx. 2267

Accuracy: 75
Agility: 78 (UT2003)/76 (UT2004)
Aggresiveness: 75 (UT2003)/73 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 75
Preferred weapon:

"Mr. Crow brings culture and style to a sport as brutal and decadent as any in history. The fact that he is a raving lunatic with a taste for the bizarre only adds to his charms in the eyes of the public."

Ravage Edit

Ravage's ' character card

Name: Specimen 040G
Race: Nightmare
Classification: Homo Sapiens Taratis

Accuracy: 75
Agility: 75
Aggresiveness: 75 (UT2003)/83 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 75
Preferred weapon:

"If League regulations allowed for unarmed combat then the competition would be quite brief with Ravage involved, and very, very messy."

Subversa Edit

Subversa's ' character card

Name: Subversa
Race: Nightmare
Classification: Homo Sapiens Medusae
Birth date: 2265

Accuracy: 82
Agility: 75
Aggresiveness: 82 (UT2003)/73 (UT2004)
Team tactics: 76

"Her eyes are devoid of life, empty orbs that take in the world with an unfeeling gaze. A thin trail of spittle runs untended from her tightly gagged mouth, yet she never rubs it away. Only one thing brings a spark of vitality to this tortured soul: the suffering of others."

Trivia Edit

  • The following bots are duplicates:
    • Brutalis: Mortis (UC/UT2004); Pestilence (UC)
    • Domina: Darkling (UT2004); Arachne, Circe (UC)
    • Fate (UT2004)/Lilith (UC): Jigsaw (UT2004); Avarice, Despair (UC)
    • Harlequin: Avarice (UT2004); Perish, Succubus (UC)
    • Lilith (UT2004)/Booster (UC): Circe (UT2004); Jigsaw, Stitch (UC)
    • Mr. Crow: Septis (UT2004); Oungan, Samedi (UC)
    • Ravage: Samedi (UT2004); Gangrene, Septis (UC)
    • Subversa: Succubus (UT2004); Darkling, Fury (UC)
  • Mr. Crow was the Nightmare team leader in UT2003, then the leadership passed on to Abaddon in UT2004.
  • Abaddon is an UT2004-only character.
  • Fate and Lilith are named Lilith and Booster respectively in Unreal Championship.
  • Winning the Single-Player using Mr. Crow in UT2004 unlocks the TC-1200 for use with the Vehicle Arena mutator.

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