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Operation Na Pali is an Unreal Tournament TV Custom mappack, it follows around Crew Member 046, a Soldier of an unknown past, sent on a mission to rescue mission to find the Survivors of the Vortex Rikers prison ship, the same one that housed Prisoner 849. It takes place 5 Years after Unreal, the player will use Unreal Tournament weapons as well as one Unreal weapon, the Dispersion pistol. 046 is dropped off at the Harobed Village, but is sniped by a Skaarj. He awakens, injured, and is held in a Prison, in the Unseen area of the Skaarj Mothership. They blame him for killing the Skaarj Queen, when it was actually Prisoner 849. 046 is however rescued by a Mercenary, and finds a Dispersion Pistol in the Ships armory. He fights through the Skaarj, and then at one moment, the Mercenary is killed by a Skaarj, and 046 finds a Jet to escape from the Mothership. He flies through the vacant lands of Na pali, and then crashes into a flat area after forgeting to activate the Anti-Tarydium device for the ship. 046 sees a village, with Nalis with weapons gaurding it, in which he was told they were a peaceful race, now they have formed up a rebellion against the Skaarj, and he helps them. He travels through various places, including Temples, Skaarj facilities, Lakes, and even Valleys. He reaches some areas visited by Prisoner 849, like the Rrajjigar mines, and Nyleve's falls, which is now a Badland. They river in Nyleve is now a lava river, and 046 finds Vortex Rikers. He manages to have access to some of the unseen areas in the ship, like the second bridge. He contacts the Vortex Rikers II, the ship that dropped him off, but his signal is picked up by the Skaarj aswell. He fights to the exit, but the Skaarj lock him in. So he is imprisoned once again, this time in a Skaarj Ship. He finds a friendly Skaarj, who was convicted of helping Nali, and is imprisoned to. They fight to the escape pods, the Skaarj has to stay on the ship, as it will be the only place he dies in. 046 gets aboard the Escape pod and flies back down to the planet, and crashes on a Na pali haven, similar to the one visited by 849. He finds his goal, the 3 survivors, but only one has survived. A woman, named Chryss, informs him, that the others have died. 046 and Chryss fight to an escape pod on the other side of the island, they escape and head back to the Vortex Rikers II.

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