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The Paladin is a vehicle found in Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 3. It is a vehicle with eight wheels and with a projection turret which can shoot long range explosive plasma core projectiles. It has defensive capability to shield itself from incoming fire and it can fire the plasma core while having the shield and shock any ground trooper.

Strategies WithEdit

The Paladin is perfect for assault on an enemy position because of its shield. However, the shield only protects one way and does not allow the user to shoot outwards. Still, a Paladin can be used as a shield for the ground troops, which will be allowed to shoot outwards. The main disadvantage of the Paladin is that it cannot beat a Goliath in combat, and therefore, Paladins should try their best to avoid Goliath encounters whenever possible. The vehicle is also unique in the speed for its weight, being able to travel decent distances quickly, given it has enough time to accelerate. The plasma attack is not powerful enough to kill a Scorpion, or stagger it very well, making the Paladin only able to avoid an incoming kamikaze is to use the heightened speed Paladins have.

Strategies AgainstEdit

The turret can reach up higher than a Goliath's, but still has the same slow swivel speed. This is good news for skilled Manta pilots, but disables the ability to safely park above the Paladin in Raptors or other Aircraft. Attacking in more than one direction is a perfect strategy, as the Paladin can only protect from one direction. 

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