RTNPIconPredators are reptilian dinosaur-like creatures native to Na Pali. They only make an appearance in Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali. They attack by running toward you at extremely high speeds and make attempts to bite the player. They are fairly hard to kill, even though they have little health, as their agility and speed makes them hard to hit. The thing that makes them even more formidable is that they attack in packs, rarely attacking alone.

Combat strategyEdit

The Predators' strength lies in numbers. Predators are never seen walking alone in the Return to Na Pali campaign, but rather in groups ranging from 3 to 6 Predators. Their bite may seem harmless (only chipping away 5 HP), but Predators are fast little creatures, and bite often. Larger groups are therefor a serious threat. When fighting a group, use heavier weaponry such as the Flak Cannon to take out the first few. With only a few Predators remaining it's easier to keep them all in sight, which allows for the use of mid-range weapons such as the ASMD or Bio Rifle. Predators tend to freeze up for a second after being hit, which makes them an easy target. The ASMD does an excellent job of pushing the Predators back, keeping them well out of range. A safe way of battling Predators is to get onto a moderately high ledge. Predators are not able to jump very high, yet they will try to get as close as possible, making them easy and defenseless targets.

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