The Axon Raptor is a vehicle found in Unreal Tournament 2004 and UT3.


Due to its fast speed, the Raptor is good for getting places quickly. It is easy to take out Manta and Vipers with the Raptor's rockets. The Raptor rockets also lock on to other Raptors, Fury's and Cicadas. They also are quick to kill Goliaths, by hovering over the Goliath and firing away due to its rapid fire of plasma.


The Raptor only has 300 health, thus it is very susceptible to damage from Avrils and other Raptors.

Advanced StrategiesEdit

  • Aerial Kamikaze-Only possible in UT2004, a low health Raptor (20 or below) can be ditched into an enemy for high amounts of damage from the resulting explosion. 
  • Splatter-Swooping low to run over an enemy, or strongly push vehicles as heavy as a Hellbender around. Useful when nearby a canyon or ditch, as the vehicle can be pushed in. 
  • Dodging the Longbow ARViL-Charging towards the missile, and strafing in one direction while facing it. Missles will, as a result, lose the lock-on and fly in a straight ine.
  • Abandon ship-When a low-health Raptor is almost dead and targeted by a strong weapon or Longbow ARViL, exiting the vehicle before impact can (possibly) save your life. Should you die from fall damage, it counts as a suicide. 


  • Friendly Shunt-In Air-to-Air combat, shunting an enemy Raptor can temporarily throw off the aim of the Homing Missles.
  • Push Down-In Air-to-Air Combat, pushing an enemy Raptor downwards by descending while above it can lower it to Goliath ranges, and easily kill the enemy Raptor.
  • Entangled-Against low-flying Raptors, a Manta can easily outmanuver the missles by spinning around the Raptor. 


  • It is common for people to attempt a "pickup" with the Raptor. Basically, one player drives the Raptor, while another player grapples on. The pilot flies to the enemy flag, the other player grabs the flag, and grapples back on to the Raptor. This is dangerous because it takes one Stinger is needed to kill the grappler, or an ARViL to take out the Raptor, forcing the grappler to fall to (possible) doom.
  • There is a glitch in VCTF-Suspense, if done correctly, the Raptor can fly into the spawners close to where the Manta spawns.

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