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"This Skaarj weapon fires large, spinning, serrated blades capable of slicing through all but the toughest materials. The blades can alter their pitch and roll in accordance with transmitted motion signals from the RazorJack, giving them limited guidance."
Unreal manual

The Razorjack is a weapon appearing in Unreal and Unreal: Return to Na Pali.

Overview Edit

In Unreal it's a type of weapon used by Skaarj troopers. It's first encountered on the ISV-Kran. The primary fire is, as with all Ripper family members, a fast moving, ricocheting blade that has the potential to headshot an enemy. However, unlike other similar weapons, the alternate fire is a homing blade that the player can guide with their crosshair.

Its ammo pack has the appearance of a small metal box, which opens up when the player gets near it.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • Aim to the head of an enemy.

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