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A spoiler is a piece of information which reveals plot events or twists, and thus may "spoil" the experience for any reader who learns details of the plot in this way rather than in the work itself.

Read this at your own risk.
"Reaper was born into a hardworking mining family in the Twin Souls clan. Four years ago, his only sister joined the Fist of the Twin Souls - the security forces charged with protecting the clan. After a dangerous skirmish left her injured, Reaper left the mines and joined the Fist in order to watch for her safety. His agile handling of the drills translated to able marksmanship, and his keen intellect gave him a grasp on three dimensional combat tactics that many lack.

Reaper lost everything on Twin Souls, he will not rest until he witnesses the total annihilation of those responsible.
―In-game description

James "Reaper" Hawkins was born to a hard working mining family in the Twin Souls clan. He joined the Fist of the Twin Souls after his sister, Sarah "Jester" Hawkins, was injured in a skirmish. His able reflexes made him a capable Marksmen.

Reaper is an able fighter, and nearly died while trying to protect Twin Souls from Akasha and her Necris forces, mainly made up of Krall. Reaper allowed himself to be sacrificed so his sister and team could escape aboard a combat shuttle filled with civilians.

Reaper witnessed the dark queen herself kill one of his own in cold blood, before being rescued by his sister, Jester, and Othellio. Although Reaper was killed, he was able to be brought back multiple times before finally saving him for good, enhancing him with upgrades normally adorned by Tournament Elitest.

Trivia Edit

  • His voice actor is Chris Cox, who also voiced DC Comics' character Captain Atom in the 2004 Justice League cartoon; and Marvel Comics' character Silver Surfer and Hawkeye in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes respectively.

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