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S. Kroon was the captain on board the prison vessel UMS Vortex Rikers. At some point during the voyage to the prison moon, he ordered his crew to change course due to some uncharted magnetic masses being detected by the navigator. It soon became harmful to his mission, however, as the Vortex Rikers was caught up in the gravitational pull of Na Pali, which was at this time uncharted. He attempted to correct his mistake by ordering the engine foreman to divert all power to the drives. However, it was of no avail and the ship soon crashed on the planet. A great number of the crew and prisoners had been killed and the ship was ruined. To make matters worse, a Skaarj Warrior managed to get on board the UMS Vortex Rikers. A couple survivors managed to escape, but died a short distance away from the ship due to the harsh environment of the planet. One prisoner, however, managed to escape the planet by the codename of Prisoner 849.

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