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The Necris Scavenger is a small and agile vehicle appearing in UT3, serving as the Necris equivalent of the Scorpion. As a result, it is fast, agile, and a good roadkill vehicle. But unlike the Scorpion, the Scavenger can convert into a small sphere to cover distance fast. For its primary fire, it shoots a nanoblack sphere, it's secondary fire allows it to change form. It's special allows it to jump.

Strategies WithEdit

The Scavenger itself is very clumsy, and while a sphere, may roll where you did not want it to. As a result, accidentally rolling into enemy fire happens rather frequently, and it is advised to convert back to the default position when near an enemy. Though, there is a bonus. When the vehicle is a sphere and you press the Primary fire button, the tentacle arms extend outwards, serving as lethal blades like the Scorpion's, then it converts properly to the walker position. The nanoblack ball has indefinite range and acts as something of a boomerang, as all Scavengers have only one of these spheres. For this reason, it is useful for sniping. Just be careful of the laser. It's visible to not only you, but your opponents, allowing for your position to be known of.

Strategies AgainstEdit

Scavengers are really weak, and a well-placed Longbow ARViL will kill them instantly. This is even better because the Scavenger cannot shoot down ARViL rockets, making avoidance next to impossible. Alternavitely, using a Darkwalker will force the Scavenger into a sphere, making its attacks a lot weaker against vehicles.

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