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The Axon Scorpion is a vehicle found in Unreal Tournament 2004 and UT3. In UT2004, it's primary mode of fire is firing plasma strings. In UT3, they are lobbed explosives. It's secondary mode of fire allows it to spread blades It's special is that it can go kamikaze.


Its weapon is very effective against Mantas or Vipers, as it usually will destroy the vehicle or kill the driver with one or two shots. Also, the Scorpion is the only vehicle in Unreal to have the blades. Simply pull out the blades to easily run over enemies. The Scorpion can also Self - Destruct using the Boost combined with exiting the vehicle.


The blades on the Scorpion break very easily. The Scorpion only has 300 HP, which is low. The Scorpion also has bad acceleration. Although very effective on Manta's and Viper's, the Scorpion's weapon is not good for shooting long range. It also takes time to get there. Finally, the UT2004 edition has the driver exposed to fire, allowing for the driver to get killed while leaving the Scorpion in-tact.


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