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"The Krall are a fierce reptilian species used by the Skaarj for pacification of newly conquered planets. It is a testament to their fighting skills that the Skaarj use them as warriors tather than slaves. The Krall social structure is too fragmented for them to become a major force on a large scale, but as individual fighters they are truly formidable. Scythe is notoriously vicious, and controls his tribe by tooth and claw. His underlings fear rather than respect him."
- UT3 manual

Scythe is a character in Unreal Tournament 3.

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Scythe is the leader of the Krall tribe that fight alongside the Necris in UT3. He is a feared reptilian Krall warrior. His divine ferocity makes him more than capable of leading the Krall. His respect is forgotten, because he rules with fear. Scythe is only playable after completing mission 5 of Chapter 4 of Campaign, and would be too strong and fast for any other character. He makes his final stand, a challenging act, but Hawkins team overwhelms the Krall slaves in the end.

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Visually, Schythe's head is heavily deformed, with a visible skull and jaw on half of his face. His torso has a "vest" made up of skulls of multiple races.

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