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Sector Commander Hawkins is the main antagonist in Unreal II: The Awakening.

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Hawkins is the head of TCA operations in the ship's area of operation, Dalton's superior officer, and the man responsible for sending Dalton on a quest to collect the artifacts. He claims that his orders come from General Drexler of the marines, and that Drexler wants Dalton to collect the artifacts to safeguard them from the enemies of humanity.

However, it turns out this is all a lie. Drexler has nothing to do with the search for the artifacts; Hawkins is deceiving Dalton so that he can collect the artifacts and use their power for himself. In fact, he was responsible for purposely shooting down the TCA Atlantis during the Skaarj attack on Avalon, presumably killing Aida, Isaak, and Ne'Ban, when they realize his deception and attempt to prevent him from obtaining the artifacts.

After combining the artifacts on his ship, the Dorian Gray, he causes the transformation of seemingly harmless Kai into the mighty Tosc. Hawkins set the ship to fly into the system's star, hoping to destroy the Tosc menace. In the meantime, Dalton learns of the murdering of his own crew at the hands of Hawkins via an audio log sent by Aida before their murder, and after Hawkins offered him a place at his side to rule the galaxy with the power of the weapon of the combined artifacts, Dalton shot and killed Hawkins with Aida's Magnum.

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