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"Selket is a princess of the Jehfar family, and a distant cousin to Anubis. Her desire to be Empress has eclipsed all other minor concerns like ethics and morality. Selket holds little respect for the animal-totem religion of the Nakhti people. She prefers instead the lucrative opportunities that the Liandri Mining Corporation can provide her and her future empire."
- Character description

"Selket's overwhelming desire to be Empress led her to betray her people and herself. Unable to believe Anubis' love for her was real, she forced him into a fight to the death in the finals of the Ascension Rites. After striking the killing blow, the newly crowned Emperor Anubis was blinded by grief at her loss. He agreed to serve the Liandri in order to have her back, and in doing so betrayed everything he held dear. After the Necris rejuvenation process, Selket is back by Anubis' side as his Empress, but their awkward relationship will take much longer to heal."
- Necris Selket's description

Selket is a character in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict.

Bio Edit

Selket is a raven-haired Nakhti character in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict, where she is 26. Selket was born a princess of the Jehfar family, but fights in the Nakhti Ascension Rites to become Empress. In reality however, wealth is her main motive. Selket wears traditional Nakhti armor, which is golden armor with aquamarine details. Apophis is her current boyfriend by the time of UC2.

After her death she is resurrected as Necris and wears black leather clothing, as seen worn by other Necris. Her hair is now purple. She becomes Empress by marrying Anubis.

Her ladder takes place at the same time than the Ascension Rites, right to the final match being a 1on1 match against Anubis.

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Quotes Edit

Selket (via TV): "This is a historic day for my people. The Liandri will bring the attention of the entire galaxy to my world. It's an honor and a privilege to compete for Ascension. I only hope I can maintain our ancestor a standard of excellence (...)"
--Basic Training
Selket (via screen): "I thought we had a deal!"
Liandri officer: "Ah, whatever do you mean, dear Selket?"
Selket (via screen): "Anubis! He's in the Tourney."
Liandri officer: "By tradition, your Ascension Rites are open to everyone."
Selket (via screen): "I told you before. I want him out."
Liandri officer: "Hmmm... His file says he comes from a strong line of champions. But he hasn't had much success."
Selket (via screen): "He's a coward. Ten years ago, he dropped out of the tourney and ran like a dog."
Liandri officer: "Joined the Legion, I see. Left his young bride behind as well. But you knew that, didn't you?"
Selket (via screen): "Just take care of it. [Beats a random soldier]"
Liandri officer: "Oh, we will, no need to worry!"
--Basic Training
Sobek: "Selket. [Apophis gets in his way] Nice dog."
Apophis: "[Spawns his axe] Back off, man!"
Selket: "So, Anubis is still too scared to fight his own battles. I'm not surprised."
Sobek: "You loved ripping out his heart, didn't you? And now you wanna do it for real."
Selket: "Why bother? It's the heart of a coward."
Sobek: "He ain't no coward."
Selket: "He dropped out of the Tournament..."
Sobek: "...because of the politics! Then you dropped him like a hot shit sandwich."
Selket: "He ran from the politics. And you want him for Emperor?"
Sobek: "Better than a Liandri whore. [Apophis grabs Sobek and throws him]"
Selket: "He abandoned our people once. I won't give him a second chance."
Selket: "[Stops Apophis from killing Sobek] No. Let him live. He just slows Anubis down."
--Test of Stamina
Selket (thought in Anubis's mind): "The crown isn't meant for cowards, and neither am I."
--A Moment's Reprieve
Selket: "Nervous? If you're feeling faint, you should sit down."
Anubis: "I'll manage."
--The Final
Selket: "Last chance to run. Coward."
Anubis: "The only thing I ever feared was what I saw in your heart. I tested you. And you failed."
Selket: "I failed? You were the one who turned tail and ran."
Anubis: "Your power-mad family arranged our marriage. But I didn't cared about that. I loved you. I left the Tournament to see what you wanted more: an emperor, or a husband."
Selket: "Excuses. You were afraid. Weak."
Anubis: "Believe what you want. Yeah, I left the Tournament. But you left me. And I didn't want to rule without you."
Selket: "I was a foolish girl with a crush. My family stopped me for chasing after you, and I thank them every day."
Anubis: "Your family stopped you?"
Selket: "They're waiting. Time to go."
Anubis: "Let them wait. I've waited for years. We don't have to..."
Selket: "No... more... lies! [Enters to the arena]"
Anubis: "I wish there were another way."
--The Final
Selket: "The Liandri will lead us out of the dark ages. Tradition means nothing to our people. I am the future now."
Anubis: "They're in for a surprise."
Selket: "The old ways are dead. You'll just have to die along with them."
--The Final

Taunts Edit

Selket: "And stay down!"
Selket: "Feel the pain!"
Selket: "I will be empress."
Selket: "Perfection in action."
Selket: "Beaten by a girl."
Selket: "Unreal!"
Selket: "Take it!"
Selket: "Who wants some?"
Selket: "Next!"
Selket: "Distracted by my beauty?"
Selket: "How sad."
Selket: "Bow before me!"
Selket: "Useless."
Selket: "Llama."
Selket: "I'm just that good."
Selket (vs. Anubis): "Good night, sweet prince."
Selket (vs. Anubis): "You will bow before me, dog."
Selket (vs. Anubis): "Look upon your new Empress!"
Selket (vs. Anubis): "Not fast enough, jackal."
Selket (vs. Anubis): "Howl like the dog that you are!"
Selket (vs. Anubis): "In the end, I will be merciful."
Selket (vs. Anubis): "Pray, Anubis, because this is the end."

Death taunts Edit

Selket: "Impressive."
Selket: "Surprising."
Selket: "Embarassing."
Selket: "Nice."
Selket: "That means nothing."
Selket: "Unacceptable."
Selket: "Is that your best?"
Selket: "Ludicrious."
Selket: "No one beats me!"
Selket: "Lucky shot."
Selket: "Naughty, naughty!"
Selket: "Impossible!"
Selket: "I'll remember that."
Selket: "How unfortunate."
Selket: "Shameful."
Selket: "They call me princess of pain for a reason."
Selket: "You will serve me well in the afterlife."
Selket: "You cannot hide."
Selket: "Running won't help -- I'm faster."
Selket: "You will praise my skill."
Selket: "You will kneel before me."
Selket (vs. Anubis): "You dare?!?"
Selket (vs. Anubis): "I knew you would give me a challenge."
Selket (vs. Anubis): "It's time to stop toying with you."
Selket (vs. Anubis): "You cannot! This is not happening!"
Selket (vs. Anubis): "You cannot run from me, Anubis."
Selket (vs. Anubis): "Go ahead -- you'll need it!"

Trivia Edit

  • Selket was remodelled for and rendered with Unreal Engine 3 for advertisement purposes[1][2][3] and for use on Epic's official site.[4].
  • She's voiced by Stephanie Young, who put double duty as Selket and Devastation in this game.

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