Shock lace

Shock lance

The Izarian Shock Lance is the first alien weapon that you get in Unreal II. This is a weird looking weapon, but wait until you see some of the other alien weapons. The primary fire for this is a blue/purple beam that goes at a somewhat slow speed. The projectile will explode if it hits an enemy, though otherwise it will bounce around if it hits a wall or any surface. Be sure to use the reflecting wall bounces to your complete advantage. The alternate fire shoots a bigger beam than the primary fire and will devastate your enemies at the beginning of the game. This moves slow, but explodes big on impact, and a direct hit is not overly necessary.

The Shock Lance with a power limiter is the primary weapons of the Izarians. Later in the game, the limiter is removed for you by the weapons speacialist Isaak. Afterwards, if used correctly, Shock Lance can fry anything electronic, making it pretty handy against auto turrets set up by your foes.

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