Singularity cannon

The Singularity Cannon

The Singularity Cannon which is available in the last level of Unreal II known as Dorian Gray. This weapon also serves as the alien Tosc's primary weapon. You have a big green alien slug thing...that is it. That is not the ammo, that is the gun. This is like the Redeemer for Unreal II. If you see this being shot at you, then you will be fast. The primary fire is slow, but once it hits someone...something, it is dead. It tends to shoot out a black hole, that will destroy anything it hits. This weapon, unfortunately, has no alternate fire because it was removed. But with this massive-killing-power-thingy-of-death-from-Hell, you don't need one. The round it fires has a gravitational effect even before it hits something. So even if you move out of the way you will almost certainly die.

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