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Skaarj concept unreal 1

Artwork of a Skaarj.

The Skaarj are a war-like reptilian race seen in Unreal and Unreal II: The Awakening. They are a violent species from the planet Skrath.

Each clan of Skaarj is headed by a Queen or Warlord. The Skaarj's goal is to conquer the universe. As a species, the Skaarj believe that their race is superior than any other. They are 7 to 9 foot tall lizard-like creatures that weigh around 385 lbs. The color of their scales range from light or dark green to blue or yellow.

The Skaarj have only conquered one known planet, and that is Na Pali. They enslaved the Nali to do their biddings, such as mining in the Rrajigar Mines for Tarydium shards. It is possible that they are planning to take over Earth. They have highly notable levels of hostility towards the humans, as they have strong disdain towards other "inferior" species in the galaxy. As such, every human that they see will cause them to rush towards the intruder, no matter what the consequence.



The Razik, symbol of the Skaarj

Highly tribal, each Skaarj are born as pupae that eventually mutate into the commonly seen lizard-like form. Their lifecycle is much more akin to that of insects. Large queens lay eggs which then hatch into pupae, which finally metamorphize into the Skaarj adults. Some Skaarj adults have cybernetic implants, and many have blades, called Raziks, strapped or surgically affixed to their wrists; these weapons may also fire energy charges from between the blades. The Razik is also the official symbol of the Skaarj. Their Queen serves as a central role in soceity. The Skaarj are also led by a Skaarj Warlord, particularly in combat situations. They are mainly divided into separate clans, like the Black Fist and the Iron Skull. Each clan works as a separate unit, with little or no co- operation with the other. An example is the hostility between the Black Fist and the Iron Skull clans. They, however, could also stand together for a common cause and unite to form an empire, which in turn reunite into the feared Skaarj Empire.

Unreal and Return to Na PaliEdit

The Skaarj are the main antagonists the Prisoner 849 has to face. They have recently conquered Na Pali during the time that the Vortex Rikers crashed on the planet.

Warrior ClassEdit

The Warrior Class is a type of war caste in Skaarj society, along with the more disciplined Trooper Class. During Prisoner 849's escape from the Vortex Rikers in Unreal, this caste was the first to be encountered. They all carry Raziks, which allows them to either combat the player with the blades or with electromagnetic projectiles. When in melee combat, they can perform two styles of attack, either a quick jab or a roll/leap attack towards their target. The Skaarj Warrior Class is extremely agile, meaning that it is wise to use hitscan weapons unless the combatant is good at timing their shots.

Trooper ClassEdit

The Trooper Class are artificially made Skaarj, alongside the Warrior Class, that take part in warfare and battles. Unlike the other group, the Troopers are more disciplined. They carry weapons that are used by the player.


These Skaarj are Skaarj that don't fit into either the Warrior or Trooper classes. They have many differences.


Several Skaarj models (modeled as Troopers) available for UT Multiplayer as bots. They Include:

  • Dominator
  • Eradicator
  • Terminator
  • Vindicator

Unreal II: The AwakeningEdit

U2 Skaarj

Skaarj as seen in Unreal 2: The Awakening

The Skaarj are one of the factions that are after the artifact pieces, although they were seen in the first two levels and the last two levels. They have enlisted the Izarians, that they have previously conquered, as they are warrior-slaves to aid the Skaarj soldiers/warriors. In this game, the Skaarj are not much of a threat, as their mobility is reduced at various levels, depending on the the three variants in the game.

There are three Skaarj variants in the game, each with different levels of health, armor and speed. They are:

Unreal Tournament gamesEdit

The Skaarj is featured as bonus characters in UT99. However, they are featured as a standard team in Unreal Tournament 2004, under the team name Iron Skull. Eight characters form the Iron Skull team, and two extra characters featuring metal skins are available as bonus characters.


  • The Skaarj Warrior's outward appearance is possibly a reference to the Predator, from the movie franchise "Predator" and "Aliens vs. Predator'". They are also both equipped with wristblades.

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