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The Skaarj Assassin is an enemy in Unreal.

A more disciplined Skaarj Warrior, Assassins are yellow in color, and wear a full-body armor suit that has a slight blueish hue. They are smarter and have faster reactions than a typical warrior. They remain fairly rare until late in the game, and can be hard to distinguish from Lords. Their armor allows them to take more damage than a typical Warrior. As tough foes, Assassins are commonly mistaken for Lords. If the player assumes a Skaarj Lord to be an Assassin, he or she will be in trouble as Assassins are a bit more aggressive (and as a direct result easier to attack) than the rather more tactical Skaarj Lords. This is especially true in the Core Generator of the Mothership, in which about 20-30 (depending on difficulty) Skaarj Assassins are led by 5-7 (again depending on difficulty) Skaarj Lords.