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The Skaarj Trooper is an enemy in Unreal.

Skaarj Troopers are artificial Skaarj, and the first Trooper-class Skaarj you encounter. They are first encountered in Temple of Vandora. Primarily, they will carry Dispersion Pistols and (rarely) ASMDs. The Flak Cannon is best weapon for dealing with these Skaarj menaces—watch out if they're wielding one, though, and some of them will. Just as you can gib them with the Flak Cannon, they can do the same to you.

Description Edit

Size-wise, Troopers are roughly on par with a Scout (7.5-8 feet) but are yellow in color, and wear light gray/white armor consisting of shoulder pads, knee-height boots with knee-pads, a pointed helmet, bracers, a light chest-plate, and a belt with crotch plate.

Although they start out with a Dispersion Pistol and the armor pictured on the right, they may ultimately be found wielding any of the game's weapons, and wear any of the Trooper's armor sets. It is possible for a Trooper to wear an Officer's armor, and the only difference between the two classes is their size. As stated above, most Skaarj Troopers will be equipped with a Dispersion Pistol, with which they pose little threat. Others, however, carry Automags or the Marine weapons found in Return to Na Pali.

Appearances Edit

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