Unreal1Icon RTNPIconThe Skaarj Warrior is an enemy in Unreal.

They are a Warrior-class Skaarj which are the most common enemies encountered by the prisoner while escaping from Na Pali.

Combat & tacticsEdit

The Warrior species is stronger than the Scouts, and tends to be a little more aggressive. The Flak Cannon is most effective weapon to use against them, although if you face a large number of Warriors, the ASMD or Eightball Gun will be a better choice. They appear to be about 7'10" tall at the top of the head, not counting the trademark dreadlocks. From the Mothership Core onwards, Warriors are obsolete. There are also two larger individuals that can be seen imprisoned in the Mothership Lab.


The Skaarj Warrior is a green lizard-like being with Raziks on their wrists, colored a light green with a gray chest and no apparent armor. They are the standard Skaarj, having a fair amount of health, speed, and damage.



Return to Na PaliEdit



  • The absence of even the typical Razik on this class suggests that the claws and energy bolts may also be part of the Skaarj's natural physiology, a trait that is partly supported, and modified, by the Unreal Championship 2 incarnation of the Skaarj.

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