Spider gun-profile

The Spider Gun

Spider Gun was an unusual weapon featured in Unreal II: The Awakening. The gun was created by Issak after the Hell mission with the use of the biomatter from the Araknid lifeforms.

The primary fire of this will (once aimed at an enemy) shoot lots of little spiders that will attack your enemy and then shortly die. The alternate fire is a little more wierd. It will shoot out an alien spider egg. Once an enemy gets close to it, it will explode and then those same little spiders from the primary fire will attack your enemy. However, that is not it. There is also a little spider combo. Shoot an egg on the floor and then shoot a primary fire on it...the egg will start to grow and then hatch. Now, instead of lots of little spiders, you have a big spider that will follow and protect you. Though, the bigger spiders do seem to attack you at times. This is not included in the Xbox version.

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